Things to do in Coron

First day of our Coron tour itinerary included a trip to Siete Pecados, Twin Lagoons, Atwayan Beach, Cayangan Lake, and Maquinit Hot Springs. On the second day, we went to see Pass Island, the Coral Garden near Marily Island, and the wreck site for the Japanese Submarine Chaser. On our last day, we climbed some 700 plus steps to see the sun rise at the Mt. Tapyas View deck.

I especially loved the water at the lagoon and the lake. Must say, I love snorkelling and can’t wait to try scuba diving!

Lusong gunboat // Coronwrecks


Captivating Coron

I thought that visiting Coron, Palawan was close to impossible but I thought wrong. I took the trip mid-February with ten others and we certainly had a blast. Clear waters, fresh lakes, friendly folks, and good food, too. This photo was taken at a popular photo-op spot when headed to Kayangan Lake.