Out of Hibernation

I cannot say what exactly triggered it. I just know and feel that this is a defining moment. Or last night was that moment and I’m just blogging about it now. I am coming out of a stupor. A year or years of it, I do not really know. What I am sure of is that today is a different day. A different me, back to parts of my old self, bringing in something new, and getting to know some parts better. What lay ahead looks like fun. Bring it on, yes!



P.s. Still on LSS mode for End of Time Remix.

End of Time


Beyonce // Bey’s Blog

Read about Beyonce landing the cover of People Magazine for World’s Most Beautiful Woman which lead me to a gallery of her Caribbean vacation, her personal blog, and her website. My ultimate take away is the End of Time Remix by Jimek. Still tired from last night’s activity but this song is making me dance in my seat. I’ve been playing it over and over for almost an hour now. Listen to the remix here.

Wishing you a cheery and groovy Thursday!


Giddy like a teenager

Lately, I have been feeling giddy like a silly lovestruck teenager. From twenty-six, I’m feeling like a twelve or sixteen year old.  It started last Thursday during the  performance night of American Idol with Phillip Phillips’ swoon-worthy rendition of Usher’s U Got It Bad. Ladies go see for yourself what I am talking about and watch his performance in youtube or read this post from another blogger.

On that same night, one of my girl bestfriends texted me about a first date that went quite well. I can imagine her smile.

Friday afternoon, I went to cousin AP’s wedding. Mentioned the wedding in my previous post and here is the pic of the newlywed.

Over the weekend, lil bro shared his plan of declaring his love for Ms. Roberts. So yesterday, he gave her a cake, a rose, and a love letter.

As for me, a text made me smile.

While writing this, I’m listening to U Got It Bad by Phillip Phillips and Fast Car by Boyce Avenue, and a favorite movie also comes to mind.

Phillip Phillips // American Idol

Dina // Dina on Facebook

Albert & Brizie // Pose and Print

Cake // Lil Bro on Facebook

I miss you // Favim

Love Actually // Apple

I felt elated the past week and it seems like a lovely week is still ahead. I am happy that everyone around me seems happy and in love. It’s just inspiring.