Veggie snack in a rainy afternoon

Veggie snack couple // Ms. J

Thank you Tina for this healthy afternoon snack of turnips, carrots, cucumber, fresh basil, and rice wrapper with hoisin sauce. Watching my colleagues make their own wrap and making my own was an enjoyable activity. I’ll certainly try this at home :)


Ruins, Reposo, and LA

TGIF! Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Cue the happy dance.

Today, I’m unveiling over the weekend. Yay! Somehow, this feels like growth for my blog’s content and another coming-out-of-a-rut moment for me.

Over the weekend will roundup the little adventures I did last weekend in anticipation of the one that’s coming up.

OTW is born out of a resolve to be more creative and thoughtful about spending my weekends, a conscious decision to make my weekends well-spent in terms of discovery, learnings, and connections. Not so much on the cash. No. That part I can’t afford to spend much on. Hello, civil servant living in a modest salary.

So, last week was spent reading a fantasy adventure novel; watching The Filipino Tenors perform in Likha ng Sining, trying out the beef rice toppings and burger from Brasas Carne Asada, watching a piano performance from Raul Sunico; and participating in a service simulation for an international business class flight where I had white wine and a main course of Hazelnut-crusted sea bass in saffron tomato hollandaise with puccini truffle mash.

Not sure if I got the name of the dish right, but I’m pretty sure I did get last weekend right.

So, how will you and I spend this weekend? However and where ever, let’s just try to make it fun!

Have a happy weekend!


Roundup inspiration // Esther of Whollykao

Photos except FT and Likha ng Sining // Dins

A Pinoy detective novel

“Some days I just can’t seem to focus. It’s hard to concentrate on what’s going on around me, on what I’m doing.”

It’s been getting worse lately. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed from the moment I wake up in the morning, as though something bad is going to happen. I can’t breathe right, my hands and feet are cold. My head hurts.

I feel like everything I do from sunup to sundown is just to keep this bad thing from happening. And everyday I have to do more and more. It is exhausting. Nothing that I do is ever enough.

I feel like I’m always being watched.

I hate being watched.”


This is a good read, a well-written, fast-paced detective novel. This brings to mind Jonathan Kellerman and his Alex Delaware novels, and my fascination for psychological thrillers.