Cure for headaches

Last Saturday, the heat was so unbearable that it was headache inducing. Since merienda (afternoon snack time) was approaching we thought of having ice cream to cool us down.

We ended up at a local bakeshop, bought kape (coffee) ice cream and pan de sal (bread). My former college roommates first told me about this bread and ice cream pairing. I though it was an odd mix, just like eating french fries with peanut butter. If memory serves me right, it must have been a few years after college that I first tried it. We were in a gas station in Puerto Princesa, Palawan enroute to Sabang for the Underground River.

Pan de sal and ice cream makes an interesting combo but it is not something that I would constantly crave. But that day it worked for me. I was a happy camper. Especially with the kape ice cream.

Ice cream sandwich // David Guison


4 thoughts on “Cure for headaches

    • like the one they serve in Shakeys? huge brownie topped with three ice cream flavors and some syrup. but i’ve just had my fill of ice cream indulgence last week so, maybe next time :)

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