The badminton athlete

Tuesday night — the second time to see Alex compete in a badminton tournament, and the first time he explicitly requested us to support him. The first time we went to see him play was due to 70% boredom from our Sunday routine and  30% supportive friends streak.

This time the game was at 9pm, it was a week night, and we had to go to Malate, Manila. We live in QC, must get up early for work, and hate the week night traffic. But even if all odds were in his favor, he was able to get us into our supportive friends mode. Besides, part of his request to watch him play was a promise that he would make sure to wake us up the next day so we won’t be late.

Alex is a registered nurse by profession and he’s also been playing badminton since grade school. Playing for a school in Bacolod City (our hometown) and coaching on the side got him through college. He moved to Manila to work with Philippine Star but just recently resigned. Good thing that he still has his coach friends to mentor him and Babolat to sponsor his games. I know little of tennis or badminton so I had to ask Alex about Babolat. He says it’s a well-known French company which specializes in tennis and badminton equipments, and one of its endorsers is Rafael Nadal.

Philippine National Open and 5th Ming Ramos Youth Cup Badminton Championships at the Badminton Hall, Rizal Memorial Sports Complex – Manila City

We were glad that he won the match that night. Otherwise he’d have to put up with four mouths incessantly complaining as we make our way home :p

Ra-rah team with Alex after the game

2012 Prima Pasta Invitational Badminton Open at the Powersmash Badminton Center, Makati City

Ra-rah team at the Prima Pasta tournament, Feb. 26

Photos of Alex by Dins

Cheering squad by Gibby


2 thoughts on “The badminton athlete

    • It requires investing on appropriate equipment and it’s just not on my list now. have to commit to finishing a 2.2km jog around the acad oval first. that’s my fitness goal for the year. baby steps :)

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