Finally, my own standing desk!

Well…the desk, the pc, and the stack of books are all office property but since I’m assigned to these equipment might as well arrange them to my healthy advantage, right?

The idea of a standup or standing desk came to me last year after reading a yahoo article which tells me about the most dangerous thing I do all day — sitting. This piece of info didn’t really come as a shock and even though we know studies can be 1) true, 2) refuted, or be 3) plain b.s., the strategies outlined in the article to counter the unhealthy effects of sitting all day might actually be worth a try.

Personally, I’ve started noticing the drastic change in my health and posture just a few years into working. I have back and shoulder pains, hunch over the computer, and gained weight. Of course I don’t put all the blame in the sitting hours, I blame the general lack of activity and movement. Comparing my lifestyle as a university student and a yuppie made me more aware of these unhealthy tweaks that slowly and unknowingly crept into my every day life.

I’m slowly (but hopefully, enduringly) undoing the unhealthy practices of the past five or six years by incorporating a walk-jog activity after office, ditching sugary drinks, and now by having a standup desk. There are a lot of other activities that I want to try but I’m taking it slow to purposely make incremental, life-time changes. I really want to leave a healthy and balanced life, for good.

Presenting our modest office at the university press

A vivid illustration for the detriments of sitting

Read more about the ill-effects of sitting, and the standing desk and the wacky, ingenious ways to make your own without spending a cent.

Live, laugh, love!
TGIF! So, have a happy one! :)


8 thoughts on “Finally, my own standing desk!

  1. If you are now going to be standing, take note of what’s on your feet! Take off your shoes in your workspace because if you are wearing a heal of any sort then your entire posture is thrown out of alignment.

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