Ruins, Reposo, and LA

TGIF! Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Cue the happy dance.

Today, I’m unveiling over the weekend. Yay! Somehow, this feels like growth for my blog’s content and another coming-out-of-a-rut moment for me.

Over the weekend will roundup the little adventures I did last weekend in anticipation of the one that’s coming up.

OTW is born out of a resolve to be more creative and thoughtful about spending my weekends, a conscious decision to make my weekends well-spent in terms of discovery, learnings, and connections. Not so much on the cash. No. That part I can’t afford to spend much on. Hello, civil servant living in a modest salary.

So, last week was spent reading a fantasy adventure novel; watching The Filipino Tenors perform in Likha ng Sining, trying out the beef rice toppings and burger from Brasas Carne Asada, watching a piano performance from Raul Sunico; and participating in a service simulation for an international business class flight where I had white wine and a main course of Hazelnut-crusted sea bass in saffron tomato hollandaise with puccini truffle mash.

Not sure if I got the name of the dish right, but I’m pretty sure I did get last weekend right.

So, how will you and I spend this weekend? However and where ever, let’s just try to make it fun!

Have a happy weekend!


Roundup inspiration // Esther of Whollykao

Photos except FT and Likha ng Sining // Dins


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