Cooking, Chores, and the Ice Cream Man

Hello! It’s a Friday morning here in QC {Quezon City}, Philippines. It’s a little bit cold and the skies are cloudy. It’s a perfect day for a steaming cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, and a good read. If only it isn’t a work day.

Last week, I was just stuck at home. Usually, that means being idle for an entire weekend but good thing it wasn’t the case. Well, at least not the entire three days. First proactive thing I did on a Saturday was cook lunch. This was my first attempt at making tortang talong {closest translation I can think of is eggplant/aubergine omelet}.

Cooking, just like other house chores, is like a ritual to me. I take my time in peeling, slicing, stirring, and whatever it is that needs to be done.  I think I can cook but I rarely do because just preparing for it can take me forever. By the time I finish cooking, my companions would have been way beyond hungry. Dubs, bff since college, agrees with me ’cause the last time he was around he had to wait for a substantial amount of time to eat a piece of pancake.

Aside from whipping up my first torta, I also did my laundry that was way overdue. My laguan {hamper for dirty clothes} has been overflowing since last week and though Mama will tell me not to publicly air my dirty laundry, I admit that for a lady, I can be a slob sometimes.

Sunday, I prepared a veggie salad for lunch. Got some lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, mango strips, and caesar dressing at the nearby supermarket. Dong, housemate, made Bicol afritada for dinner. We discovered Once Upon A Time, a tv series, over at Starworld Philippines. Finished their 10-episode marathon while folding clothes and arranging the closet.

Tried to read some but wasn’t in the mood for it. So, Monday was uneventful but I hope this coming weekend isn’t.

By the way, thank you for the follow and the likes. Let’s all have a happy Friday and a happy weekend! Keep safe, too!


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