Sophie Sumner

The ANTM Cycle 18 Finale was something to look forward to. I love watching ANTM whenever possible. Here are three reasons why:

#1 – The creative brains behind the show never seem to run out of out-of-the-box photo shoot and challenge concepts. Remember the finale with the huge pendulum clock? I don’t remember what season that was but I certainly remember that huge pendulum clock that knocked out the model a couple of times. Cycle 17 finale was also memorable for its theatrics that included swimming in the pool and flying in the air whilst wearing a delicate gown. The current cycle included romancing creepy crawlies, death-defying shoot locations in Macau, and a finale which utilized hologram technology.

#2 – Fabulous couture dresses and scenic shoot locations, ‘nuf said.

and, lastly

#3 – The models’ crazy antics! Some of the model contestants often bring with them a certain attitude that makes cat fights and walk outs inevitable. It’s really irritating but just the silliness and pettiness of it makes for amusing tv.

I have been rooting for Sophie to win this season but Laura’s spunk and go-getter attitude also appeals to me. Anyway, for the just concluded cycle I’m glad that my fave, Sophie Sumner, is America’s Next Top Model winner. I’ll be following her on twitter and will make occasional visits on her personal blog, too.

(Photos not my own are linked to the source. Click on the photo to be redirected to the link.  )


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