Stuck in the kitchen

It’s Friday afternoon here in QC, Philippines. Next week, school will be starting and work is also building up towards book launchings and fairs.

Last weekend, I was literally stuck in the kitchen trying out the recipes I’ve discovered in the blogosphere.

Saturday’s breakfast was mushroom and egg toast inspired by Kelsey’s Wild mushroom, egg toast over at Tasting Tales. Instead of wild mushrooms, I used dried shiitake mushrooms because that was what’s available at the grocery. The shiitake mushroom has a very strong flavor which puts me off. Next time, maybe I’d use canned champignons. This recipe is very easy to do and who would have thought that spinach would make for an interesting, healthy toast when combined with tomatoes and mushroom. Us girls spent the rest of the day cleaning the kitchen and living room area.

For late lunch, I made some eggplant omelet again because last Friday I couldn’t resist the fresh eggplants at the grocery. Compared to last weekend’s eggplant omelet this one has lean ground pork, potatoes, some of the leftover shiitake mushrooms, and then basil. Three medium-sized eggplant, two medium potatoes, a small portion of mushrooms, and less than 250grams of pork was able to feed five adults. Not bad. This omelet was way tastier than last week’s. I’m liking my eggplants these days.

Sunday breakfast was mushroom and cheese omelet. It was a quick fix, made this one a bit salty but it was all gobbled up anyway in just a few minutes.   For my late lunch, I tried Eva’s tofu scrambler recipe over at Strawberry Pepper. I had all the ingredients save for the rosemary, thyme, and yeast but I still went ahead and tried making some. End result, it looked better than it tasted. I’m probably just not used to the mix of several spices or it must have tasted better with rosemary and thyme, I really don’t know. It’ll definitely take sometime before I try this recipe again. I spread a thin layer in between two pieces of toast just so I could eat it.

Spent the rest of the afternoon playing bookworm adventure, a game introduced to me by Popsy. My butt ached and my eyes hurt after several hours of playing. Let’s see how this weekend will go. I don’t mind spending it in the kitchen or just bum around because school will keep me preoccupied in the next few months.

TGIF, have a happy weekend!


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