Old-fashioned, experimentation

Happy Friday everyone! It’s noon time, lunch time here in QC. What are you having? Me, I’m skipping lunch to save room for merienda (afternoon snack) because we’re having pizza delivered at the office. Yahoo!

Just as I thought it would be, last weekend was uneventful.

Good thing that the lure of the kitchen is still there and that at least kept the Sunday a bit interesting. Did a quick scour of the web in search of an old-fashioned pancake recipe. Though quick cook pancake brands are easily available at the groceries, it sometimes is nice to go the old-fashioned way. I settled for this simple recipe sans the baking powder and topped it with apple and kiwi slices. The pancake shown in the photo is when I tried it with a little choco spread. Interesting but I like it better with just the fruits. For future pancake cravings,  I have mentally bookmarked Thistasteful’s vanilla pancake recipe, and will also try to locate that other recipe made of ripe bananas.

As for the other photos featured above, those were when I attempted my first taco without the taco shells Monday evening. Instead of taco shells, we used the remaining rice paper from when we tried to recreate the veggie snack at home. The ingredients for this experiment are ice lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ground beef, and garlic cream cheese for sauce. The two housemates who ate with me said the experiment tasted fine. That’s a good thing!

On a separate topic, my love for the blogosphere and wordpress is ever-growing just because it never fails to churn out easy reads on recipes, diy works, and travel details, among lots of other interesting topics. What I usually do nowadays when I’m uninspired is get into the wordpress dashboard (?), click on the readers tab, explore topics, and then feast my eyes on posts from all over the world.

That’s it for now. I’m wishing for a friendlier weather for a day out tomorrow. Happy weekend!


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