Homemade Patties

Today’s baon (packed lunch) is homemade pork patties and organic rice.

my food looked sad,

What went into it?

Ground lean pork less than 1/4 kilo

half baby carrot

half potato

1 egg

1 tbsp flour

a dash of oregano

white pepper, salt to taste

Then, what I did.

Let the pork thaw while chatting with my girl friends. About an hour, maybe more.

Mixed it all up while watching local soap operas.

Cooked while being distracted by the soap operas.

Made about three patties when I realized that it was salty. Asked Gibby what to do.

He told me to add another egg.

Then I thought of adding a little flour and use the remaining halves of the carrot and potato.


10 small edible patties

Salty patty passed Dins taste.

Reworked version of patty tested by Gibby, at the office by Ms. J and Tins.

and so I dumped yellow goo on it :)

Yellow goo is garlic cream cheese sauce from the batch I made for the taco experiment.  The sauce works as bread spread, too. At least for me and Dins :)


Some related recipes to try next time:

Homemade Herbed Breakfast Sausage

Ground Pork Pesto Burger


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