Jek’s Ku-bo

Jek’s Ku-bo is one of the newer establishments that can be found along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. This was our first time here and it was a simple, pleasant experience. I love the icons and the color combination of the tables and chairs. The size of the plate and serving bowls though are not proportionate to the size of the table. There were three of us, so three plates and two medium-sized bowls in one small table was an ill fit.

Some rough translation…

Kainan Na! (Eating time!)

Bulalo (beef, bone marrow, and vegetable soup)

Ulo-ulo (literally, head-head…hehe…likely means fish head soup…in this case, it was salmon head)

Jek’s neighbor is Friuli, one of my fave food haunts along Maginhawa street.

Some interesting sights before we reached our destination.

colleague’s pink e-bike

one of the newest dormitories in campus

clothes littering a public space outside campus, tsk

We passed by Cha Dao for milk tea to go to chase the umay away. Short video on the way back to campus.


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