Rice Soup and rainy days

Arroz Caldo is one of those soups which has many names and variations. In Bacolod, we call it arroz caldo. There used to be an arroz caldohan (eatery serving just arroz caldo) in Bacolod which provides its customer with several options. Is it plain arroz caldo or does it go with chicken, native chicken, hard boiled egg, or a combination of those ingredients? I don’t remember if they had the goto option (don’t know how best to translate this one). Arroz caldo is called lugaw in Manila and in chinese eateries it’s called congee.

Side note: Lugaw in Bacolod means guinataan when in Manila. Yes, it’s confusing that way. Lugaw/guinataan is another delish merienda that deserves a separate talk.  

If I have a fave soup list, arroz caldo will be on top of it. Batchoy, if it’s a soup (wiki says yes it’s a type of noodle soup), will come have to come in a close second. Third is seafood pumpkin soup.

I like my soup or any hot beverage served scalding hot, if possible. Unlike some people I know who prefer to let anything hot sit for a couple of minutes before they consume it.

This afternoon’s merienda was a cheap yet flavorful arroz caldo with egg and goto. Thanks to our colleagues who typically ask if we want to have something for merienda.

Anything hot is always perfect for wet, rainy days.

Here goes more soup.


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