It ain’t always peaches and roses

Life isn’t always a bed of roses, it isn’t always peaches and cream. Even the most optimistic kid in the block feels down, beaten, and blue sometimes.

But less-than-cheery days just like it-so-sunny-nothing-can-dampen-my-spirit days are also a fact of life, right?

Just like the sucky Manila weather of the past days, I have not been in my best state of mind, health, and mood. So after two nights of tossing and turning, and missing out on precious sleep, and the nasty head and eye ache, I decided to help myself get out of a rut.

Here are some of my pick-me-uppers, in no particular order.

~ Color my nails happy

~ Down a fruit shake or something cold {ice cream or halo-halo works too}

~ Connect with a family member {usually mom} or a close friend

~ Shut off my thoughts with happy, inspiring music {see Stuck on Repeat}

How about you? What do you do when you’re feeling sad and blue?

Sound off and share your thoughts below. Virtual hugs are most welcome, too.


Last Friday Night

university classmates :)

Pasta with Ham and Peas

I’m a blogging and wordpress newbie and the past few days I’ve been exploring the use of pages. Tweaking the pages got me into a sorting mode, which also led me to thinking about ways to present content. So for recipes that I’ve tried, I decided to make myself a handy dandy reference.

Pasta with ham and peas recipe is my version of Everyday Food‘s Pasta with prosciutto and peas.

Disclaimer: Cessie is not a cook nor a culinary student. This is simply just another attempt at the kitchen.

Warning: Dishes not always palatable, pictures not always appetizing, and recipe instructions not always well-written. Proceed with caution.

p.s. I’m a photoshop amateur, too. So bear with me :)