Knowing style

Dressing for an occasion and being photographed

…used to be moments when I feel most awkward and self-conscious. At 27, such a late-bloomer I know, I have just started to feel more confident about dressing up. That’s despite the inevitable encounters with fashion through magazines, tv, and my more fashionably forward sister. I always thought that putting too much attention on the physical attributes made a person shallow. But then I realized that putting too little attention to how you look and presented yourself also made you a slob.

So I realized that just like anything else, it’s about striking a balance.

Now, fashion to me is all about finding my personal style and complementing my lifestyle philosophy.

But I’m still awkward when I know I’m being photographed. I think that one won’t go away.

Some fashion tidbits somewhere

Fashion 101 from Alyanna Martinez, celebrity stylist

{taken from this article}

Five items women should have in their closet.
The highest solid colored pumps you can wear, a great-fitting pair of dark-wash jeans, a good quality and fit white t-shirt, a classic blazer, and a white button down shirt. From these basics, you can mix and match, and add different elements to dress up or dress down your look.

Is it better to classic or trendy?

Style has to be a balance of both. Anything head-to-toe trendy can make anyone look like they’re trying too hard, while head-to-toe classic can look dated and old. A stylish person knows how to mix, and should have a good balance both the classics and the trends.

If someone were to splurge on one key item, what should it be?

A great pair of basic sky high heels and a good quality leather bag for everyday use.

The easiest way to accessorize a black dress would be…
I like to spice up a black dress with statement earrings or a statement necklace. If you are a bit more daring throw in a pair of statement heels.

Any tips on looking stylish? 
It is definitely knowing what works for your body type. It’s all about great fit. Quality is also important. And when in doubt, less is always more.

Five rules of style that women should follow.
1. Don’t wear all the trends at once, from head to toe. Runway styles and magazines are meant to inspire not copy.
2. Quality is more important than quantity when shopping for basics. Affordability is one thing to consider when shopping for trends.
3. One piece that looks great on the hanger or on one person doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Always fit items that you plan to buy.
4. Know your personal style. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be honest with yourself when it comes to your body type, what looks good on you, and what doesn’t.
5. Plan ahead. Even the most effortlessly stylish people prepare ahead of time in their mind of what they will wear.


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