The trip with the self-service machine

November 28, 2012 – Wednesday

We are off to see the City of Golden Friendship!

Unlike the usual travelers, we would not be trying the white water rafting nor are we heading off to zipline at Bukidnon.

Yes, sad…But!

That also gives me several adrenaline-pumping reasons to come back another time and likely next time with more friends in tow.

Backtrack at the NAIA 3 terminal

Let me backtrack a bit and share with you a delightful little discovery.

We got to the airport a little bit early. It’s quarter to two in the afternoon and the check-in counter won’t be open until two so I decided to finally try the self-service counter machine which has been there for quite sometime now. It was a surprise that the machine actually works and even more so that not many people are utilizing this for their convenience.

Using the machine required a little wait which is probably about the same or less the amount of time you spend waiting on the check-in counter personnel.

But this one had no queue. We we’re off to grab some food some few minutes after our boarding passes were printed. Cool, huh?

That’s about it for now. I’ll be updating this post later.

It’s almost one in the morning. Time to clean up and catch some zzzz’s. Tomorrow, we’ll be taking on Camiguin! Oh yeah!

Sweet dreams!



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