Camiguin Island Map

I love maps.

A map is my security blanket whenever I go to some place new. And part of my trip planning usually involves online map searching. Or on ground searching, which  means that a map is usually the first thing I look for the moment I arrive at the new place. So it really is nice to know that maps  at the airport are usually given for free.


No free map at the Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro. And no free map at the Benoni Port in Camiguin Island either. Guess, they run out of copies? Maybe, run out of print? Either way, no free map kinda sucked.

Finally, a free handy Camiguin Travel Map!

We arrived at Benoni Port in Camiguin Island around 11am. Our first stop — Katibawasan Falls. My travel mates were busy shopping for souvenirs while I went ahead to pay for the Php 20.00 entrance fee. After I paid for four, the nice lady at the entrance booth in Katibawasan Falls handed me a map. Weeeee! Immediately, I asked nice lady for three more and the request was warmly, immediately granted.

Confusingly simple map…

The map did give me an overview of the Camiguin island, but the crowded listing of accommodations in the town of Mambajao {pronounced as Mambahaw} also got me confused. But it’s better to have one slightly confusing map than none at all. Yes?

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