Chumz Travelodge

Just so she knows when to expect us, and just so someone knows our whereabouts at that moment, I had informed Mrs. Salcedo that we have already arrived in Camiguin and that first, we were stopping by Katibawasan Falls and will be eating lunch before checking-in at Chumz Travelodge.

We paid Php 1,200 for a room that can fit four people and has ac.

Chumz Travelodge was just a short walk to the small port going to the famed White Island.  It is right across the popular Paras Beach Resort.

My verdict for Chumz Travelodge: “Affordable, clean, and good location”

You can find more information on their facebook account: Camiguin Chumz Travelodge.

Chumz Travel Lodge

Chumz Travelodge


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