Taal Lake

Quick facts about Taal Lake (Global Nature Fund)

  1. Third largest lake in the Philippines
  2. Second largest lake in Luzon
  3. Home to a venomous black and white “sea snake” (Hydrophis semperi)
  4. Home to the only freshwater sardines in the world, Sardinella tawilis
  5. Within the lake, there is a small volcanic island (Taal Volcano) that also has its own lake (Crater Lake)

Of Taal Lake and thoughtful gifts

The view of Taal Lake was taken on the day of Cham’s wedding in Club Balai Isabel in early January. I went with three friends from college and didn’t have enough time to prepare for a gift since the invitation only came a day before. Apparently, the bride was trying to reach me days before but to no avail. Of course I was willing to go out-of-town to join the once-in-a-lifetime celebration but I wouldn’t want to attend without a gift. Good thing that my friends were okay with just contributing for the group gift they have prepared. They diy-ed a honeymoon basket. It contained a pair of wine glass, bottle of wine, popcorn, popcorn bowl, and movie dvds. It was one of the most thoughtful and memorable gifts I have seen. Thanks to Jeffy for that idea.

Since it was just a day trip, I never really get to explore Taal and see the crater lake. Plus I’ve also read about a heritage village, so that’s another must-see on my next visit to Batangas.


For Stephanie

Feisty, outspoken, religious, and straightforward Stephanie is tying the knot this December.

Steph and I met in the school year 2002 – 2003. We were fast friends, were close to two other girls, and belonged to a section of aspiring Mass Communication students. My friendship with Steph, also known as Sweet or Tipay, was physically short-lived. I moved to another city to continue my studies, she changed course and got busy with earning her Nursing degree. Despite the years and the distance, the friendship was unchanged. Steph was and still is one of my closest friends. As her close friend with events background, I am now tasked to help plan the wedding. A task that is my pleasure to fulfill, I must say.

The couple, Steph and Ramil, want a Filipiniana-themed wedding in Steph’s home town, Sagay City. The couple already knows how they want their wedding to play out and it has their personality written all over it. Bravo! Now, we just have to sort and work out the details.

Recently, I came across an article about Charlie and Paula’s wedding and knew this was the same vibe and direction that Steph and Ramil would want. Instead of me explaining what a Filipiniana-themed wedding is and why I think Charlie and Paula’s wedding rocks, please click the photo below to see their wedding video. Or read on Paula’s thoughts and see photos of her wedding in this article.

I think Charlie and Paula’s wedding is simply, wonderfully regal! If their wedding is a sneak peak to how meaningfully Steph and Ramil’s will play out, my excitement is just beyond limits.

Whiner, restrain yourself!

When we are faced with something we  don’t like, be it something we dislike about our self or the circumstance we are in, let us try to remember that we have two simple ways to go.

To just live with it.

Or to do something about it.

Whining or complaining should not be an option.

First, it’s a useless waste of energy. Complaining or whining will not do anything to address your dislike and discomfort. If you don’t like something, change it or just walk away. Don’t stay in that place or situation to rant until you get your way. Because what you want may or may not happen and someone’s bound to react. Things may get ugly.

Second, it’s socially awkward behaviour. Broadcasting your discontent may make other people feel uncomfortable, annoyed, or helpless especially if they are not in the position to improve your situation. You may get left out of social or professional gatherings. Someone might eventually react. Things may get ugly.

You get the picture?

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