Whiner, restrain yourself!

When we are faced with something we  don’t like, be it something we dislike about our self or the circumstance we are in, let us try to remember that we have two simple ways to go.

To just live with it.

Or to do something about it.

Whining or complaining should not be an option.

First, it’s a useless waste of energy. Complaining or whining will not do anything to address your dislike and discomfort. If you don’t like something, change it or just walk away. Don’t stay in that place or situation to rant until you get your way. Because what you want may or may not happen and someone’s bound to react. Things may get ugly.

Second, it’s socially awkward behaviour. Broadcasting your discontent may make other people feel uncomfortable, annoyed, or helpless especially if they are not in the position to improve your situation. You may get left out of social or professional gatherings. Someone might eventually react. Things may get ugly.

You get the picture?

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