Sites I Love #1

I should have thought of doing this earlier! That is listing the sites I’m (currently) in love with. I’ve bookmarked a lot of sites but let me start with a new love and some enduring ones.

roadkill goldfish

Kim Keller of speaks to me. Her stories remind me of my own growing up stories and her perspective as a mom makes me better understand my own mama. Her personal and family anecdotes crack me up. She has a wildly popular post titled Dear Daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you. By wild, I mean 2.5 million views wild with some 1,600+ comments. But go back to her very first post to know the true story behind the site’s name, get to know why she loves Rick (not her husband), and find out why she’s not allowed to donate blood. When I finally muster the courage to donate…I found Kim’s site via a post from posted by a friend in facebook.


Jess of Irocksowhat writes about her “regular day-to-day life.” She takes nice photos and gives free design stuff and very helpful tutorials. What keeps me coming back to her site is her post on Free Photoshop Arrows which came with an easy to follow tutorial. She’s cool and awesome like that.


Before discovering Pinoy travel bloggers, dutchpickle was my source of travel intel. The site provides information without the frills and I am amazed (and envious at the same time) that he is more well-travelled than the average Pinoy. Check out this link to see what I’m talking about.


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