Karaoke Night at Party Party Family KTV

September 14 turned out to be a rainy Saturday evening. No surprise since it was rainy for most part of the week. We had planned a karaoke night to celebrate Bessie’s 27th birthday at Party Party Family KTV. It almost didn’t happen because of a reservation glitch but Daj saved the night with the assistance of the friendly, flexible folks at Party Party Family KTV. What almost got cancelled turned out to be another fun-filled bonding experience for us. It was our first time there and overall, the experience with the food, place, and service was a pleasant one. The calamares and the rolls were quickly consumed. We ordered their highly recommended mixed drink called shark attack and it was good. Wanted to drink more but couldn’t since I still had to report for work early. Speaking of work, it was a bummer that Dina couldn’t join Bessie’s celebration because of work.

Party Party Family KTV

Food and Bev at Party Party Family KTV



6th Floor, D’ Ace Plaza (Ace Hotel &Suites)
United corner Brixton Streets
near Pioneer, Pasig City
Tel.: (632) 462.8211 to 12


Thanks to Big Girl for the photo collage!


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