Scratch Map Philippines by Quirks ran a contest last August that entailed liking and following the sponsors’ social media accounts on twitter, facebook, and instagram. Joining the contest meant a chance to win any of the following: a 2-night stay at the Red Coconut Beach Hotel in Boracay from, one of two Scratch Map Philippines from Quirks, and a boost case for iPhone 5 from Beyond the Box and Digital Walker.

When I read about the promo in the website, I was enticed first by the 2-night stay in Boracay and then the Scratch Map Philippines from Quirks. I just came back from Boracay with Bessie and Kuya Roy and his two friends, and yet the Boracay freebie was still very attractive. This year was my fifth time in Boracay but there are still some things and some places left undone and unseen. I will save my thoughts and memories about Boracay for another post.

Since I have an affinity for all things travel-related, I entered the contest; clicked, liked, and followed away; and hoped for the best. At first, I was watching out for the results of the promo until work and school got a little bit more demanding. Then September 09 came. I just happened to check my facebook filtered messages and saw a message from Yoshke. It turned out that Yoshke is with He told me the good news: I won! A little sad that it wasn’t the Boracay trip but good thing it wasn’t the boost case since I’m using a Lenovo phone. I got one of the two scratch maps courtesy of Quirks. It was next to what I wanted and it was good news still!

Good news because the Scratch Map Philippines made me feel like a kid again and it’s a treat for travel junkies like me. It made me feel like a kid because it reminds me of a time when word matrices, puzzles, diaries, and stationeries meant a great deal of fun to me. It’s a travel junkie treat because it’s a visual reminder of the trips I have taken and the ones I have yet to take. It’s like my own tangible Lakbayan map, you’ll know what I mean if you follow local travel blogs, but instead of something digital in white and blue, I get a tangible map in gold which when scratched reveals colored islands. What a fantastic treat!!!

The day I knew that I had won, I shared to my officemate Ria the good news. She was just as excited for me because she also loves to travel and the Scratch Map Philippines has also been on her radar. The prize arrived over the weekend in our office but I just got it this morning since I was on birthday leave yesterday.  I called up Ria so she can see the scratch map up close. She took photos of it which she kindly shared to me for my use in this blog. She says she’ll also use the photos to blog about the Scratch Map Philippines in her site stuffullove. Well, I say blog away! Fun stuff like the Scratch Map Philippines from Quirks must be shared.

Thank you for the fun promo and for Quirks for the awesome-beyond-words Scratch Map Philippines!

What’s the first place that got scratched off my map? See the photos below. That was where I celebrated my birthday :)

Scratch Map Philippines

Scratch Map Philippines

Scratch Map Philippines

Scratch Map Philippines

Scratch Map Philippines


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