Aversion to casting stones

I am not going to cite a biblical passage. I just want to react to two recent happenings here in the Philippines: the Mark Solis plagiarism issue that has dragged the name of the national university, University of the Philippines (UP), and the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam that has enraged the taxpaying citizens of this country.

For both situations, I think it is important to have a stand and to know what values are in play or what values are being taken for granted.

I value honesty, sincerity, truth, and justness.

I value hard work and compassion.

I want people to take a stand on what is right and what is wrong.

I want people to realize that calling off wrong behaviour is not equal to casting the (first) stone. Provided of course that the manner with which we express our disagreement is, as much as possible, devoid of hostilities and unnecessary harshness.

People are afraid to make a stand on what is right and what is wrong for the fear of putting themselves in the spotlight. They are afraid to be cast in the spotlight, afraid to be nitpicked for their own brand of flaws and imperfections.

But is not imperfection a given?

Yes, nobody is perfect.

Still that does not mean we can go around thinking “Since nobody is perfect, nobody can make judgements about me. Since nobody can make judgements about me, I can do anything as I please and I can just get away with it.”

Can you imagine the chaos that will ensue when everyone will have this mindset? Can you imagine how it will be like when no man is concerned about the consequences and the repercussions of their actions? How will it be like if we no longer are concerned about how our actions will impact and affect other people?



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