Hometown Love

When friends ask for a suggested itinerary in Bacolod, I can’t think of anything but a foodtrip itinerary. You see, when you exclude Ruins, Mambukal, and Campuestohan, as these are the nearest sights located outside the city, there is really nothing much left to do except chill out and indulge in food, especially kansi, chicken inasal and sweets. Having spent most of my adult life outside Bacolod, I still get overwhelmed with all the food choices whenever I’m back home. So when my friends visited my hometown and told me they had to squeeze in 7-8 meals a day just to try whatever they can, I can’t really blame them. So my advice for those planning a trip to Bacolod, I suggest you extend a few more days to go around the province of Negos Occidental that way you have time to hit the beach or the mountain. If you have plenty of time, include Negros Oriental in your itinerary or just plan a separate trip to explore the neighboring province. Even I have yet to try all the restos in Bacolod and see the sights of Negros. If you’re pressed for time and can only stay in Bacolod, I’d say: eat, chill, and repeat!

P.S. Bacolod in October is MassKara Festival, that’s another story.

MassKara Festival

screengrabbed from big girl’s fb album

The Philippines says Thank you!

I am one with my nation in saying, thank you! Maraming Salamat! Madamo guid nga salamat!

“Three months after Typhoon Haiyan, a whole nation wants to show its gratitude to the whole world. This is the Philippines. And this is our way of saying thank you to every one who is helping us rebuild after the storm.” #PHthankyou