Eating fitness for lunch

Fitness GoalsFor several weeks now, my officemate and I have started a lunch time habit. We started working out. Perhaps the ultimate intention is to lose weight but for now, I just appreciate being active again. Feeling my muscles ache in certain parts of my body brings me a sense of awareness. It’s like hearing my body talk. These days, it reminds me that I’ve been very neglectful and haven’t been putting it to good use for several years. When I was still studying, I was physically active. Not sports but I took part in all dance presentations in elementary and on top of several extracurricular activities, I¬†was in the folk dance varsity in high school. In college, I took up dance classes and self-defense classes for physical education and opted for a movement class in one of my minor subjects. I have been sedentary for eight years, if counting from the time I took my last p.e. class. It can be quite frustrating to realize that you are no longer as graceful, as agile or as strong as you once were especially if you still feel strongly about your passions. And I do still feel strongly about dancing and martial arts. So recently, aside from the lunch time workout I’ve also tried pole dancing sessions and muay thai. I felt really heavy and self-conscious climbing the pole and doing the kicks but I couldn’t be happier. I am starting to feel like myself again :)

P.s. I love that youtube has made all sorts of fitness videos accessible.



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