Hometown Love

When friends ask for a suggested itinerary in Bacolod, I can’t think of anything but a foodtrip itinerary. You see, when you exclude Ruins, Mambukal, and Campuestohan, as these are the nearest sights located outside the city, there is really nothing much left to do except chill out and indulge in food, especially kansi, chicken inasal and sweets. Having spent most of my adult life outside Bacolod, I still get overwhelmed with all the food choices whenever I’m back home. So when my friends visited my hometown and told me they had to squeeze in 7-8 meals a day just to try whatever they can, I can’t really blame them. So my advice for those planning a trip to Bacolod, I suggest you extend a few more days to go around the province of Negos Occidental that way you have time to hit the beach or the mountain. If you have plenty of time, include Negros Oriental in your itinerary or just plan a separate trip to explore the neighboring province. Even I have yet to try all the restos in Bacolod and see the sights of Negros. If you’re pressed for time and can only stay in Bacolod, I’d say: eat, chill, and repeat!

P.S. Bacolod in October is MassKara Festival, that’s another story.

MassKara Festival

screengrabbed from big girl’s fb album

Dumaguete and Siquijor, Part II

28 Memories of the Dumaguete and Siquijor Adventure

9) Hammock by the beach. The two hammocks at the resort were a little bit far apart from each other. Must be the reason why Big Girl decided to squeeze in my hammock. Yes, it was my hammock. At least for some few precious minutes it was. But no matter how territorial one can get, when best friends demand to share the space, you share the space. ‘Nuff said.

10) The guys finally arrived. The ferry left Dumaguete at 6:15 pm and as soon as it arrived at Larena, Siquijor the guys managed to get hold of Hermie. They paid Php 350 for the special trip. From the pier to JJ’s Backpackers Village, it was about a 45-minute ride.

11) Anticipating the Miss World 2013 winner. We were in our cozy room preparing to sleep and in another island, the Miss World 2013 pageant was happening. We wanted to catch the show on tv but we did not want to cause inconvenience to the resort owners. Jessa, the resort manager, offered the use of the tv at the common area but that meant we were going to keep his husband up. We opted to go back to our room and check on our twitter feeds instead.

12) Capilay Spring Park is worth a second look. The girls and I had first seen the spring park the night before and we were disappointed. After the nap and before we had dinner at JJ’s, we decided to explore the nearby area. We were told about the public swimming pool at the town center which was open, as we understood it, 24/7. So from JJ’s we started walking by the street since it was supposedly walking distance until we got a little tired and impatient, and it was starting to get dark. Tricycles come far and in between and soon as one came our way, we hopped on it. The ride costs Php 10 each. A short time after we were told to get off as we have reached our destination. It was already dark though it was just a little past 6pm maybe. Capilay Spring Park is a gated natural pool right beside the street. Few lights illuminated the area and an empty Coke bottle was floating in the pool. I wondered if the pool was really fit for swimming. Besides that we were  also quite alone. There was only a lady and a young couple seated in the benches outside the pool area. But that was the night before, the next day it looked like this. We didn’t plan on staying but I couldn’t resist dipping my feet to test the water. The water felt cool and it was inviting. But we were hungry and many sights lay ahead.Capilay Spring Park

13) Free fish spa at the Century Old Balete Tree. I loved every minute we spent here. Just like the Capilay Spring Park, the Century Old Balete tree was located close to the street. The water was clear and it was cool to the feet. When we arrived at the area, there was a lady washing clothes and a man bathing near the balete. Immediately, I looked for a spot, sat on my slippers, craddled my bag, and dipped my feet. After my friends were done with taking pictures, they sat down and joined me for a free fish spa. It was a fun, first time experience for most of us. Balete Spring

14) Jump shot fail. When Hermie arrived to pick us up to start our day tour, he said his cousin Ariel will be the one to drive us around the island. Ariel was a nice guy. He seemed quiet but always had a friendly smile ready. After the fish spa at balete, he stopped at a hilly part of the island and asked us to go down for a jump shot. He said the view here is nice and offered to take our pictures. We didn’t have a successful jump shot but we still had tons of fun at the attempt.
jump shot fail

15) Jeep top! Don’t know how or who started it but we all ended up on top of the jeep. We didn’t know Dins was scared of heights until our Siquijor trip. Her smile doesn’t give her away but just look at how she’s holding on to that edge:D   on top of the jeep

16) Yummy lechon for brunch. After Capilay, balete, and the jump shots, we were really famished. The restaurant at JJ’s Backpackers Village opens at 10:00 am and we checked-out early to start on the day tour. Bessie and I were hankering for burger with the works since the night before and unfortunately that will have to wait until the next visit to Siquijor. Since our tour started we have been on the look out for a place to eat. We were not that successful until we got into town. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask Ariel which town we were in. The lechon was delicious! Half a kilo costs Php 175.   Siquijor eatery

17) The greens at the Lazi Church and Convent. Ariel was sorry that he could not let us view the inside of the church because it was locked. Though he can freely borrow the church keys at the convent, he is wary of the dog. One of his fellow tour guides got bitten by the dog. He need not worry about us not seeing the inside of the church though because we were pretty contented with the view outside.    Lazi Church and Convent

18) Tarzan mode at Cambugahay Falls. We tirelessly swung, jumped, and swam at Cambugahay falls. Dave, the unofficial Cambugahay falls caretaker, helped us have a good time. He’s the one at the far right photo showing off his mad skills with the swing.    Cambugahay falls  

{Photos from Big Girl and Lil Bro; Miss World photo from rappler.com}