Jaded about weddings, not!

Back when I was fresh out of university and in between job hunting, I became part of an events coordinating team. We mostly did weddings and I can no longer count how many. When I started getting a traditional 9-6 job, I would still moonlight whenever my schedule with the first job would allow it.

The head of the team has a good reputation in the wedding industry and we consistently placed in the top wedding suppliers list. A formidable team and having to work with top notch photographers, videographers, gown designers, and other wedding suppliers are my two sources of pride as a wedding coordinator. A few months back, our head – a married woman with two kids – has officially informed the team that she’ll no longer be doing weddings.

It was sad news. I thought we just got back to business as she’s been on hiatus to focus on her kids. Sadly, the team just got together for the last time to coordinate for her good friend (well-known gown designer) whose parents were celebrating their golden anniversary. Despite the sad news, the celebration was still a blast. We were reunited with supplier friends and more importantly, the event went smoothly.

Despite my love for events, I must admit that working on weddings eventually felt like routine. These days, I can barely recall significant details of most weddings we’ve done. May be because of poor memory or may be I’ve fallen into the preps-ceremony-reception-turn over mentality.

But the upside of it is that I’m well aware of my role as a guest or as part of the entourage. Primarily, as a guest it really is about enjoying the front seat in the celebration. You get to experience the event unfold and need not fuss about the details behind the scenes. As a member of the entourage, you have to actively ask the couple for which part or task they will need help on. And just gamely do it. But the part where I unconsciously find myself critiquing the suppliers is a gray area. I’m not sure yet if it’s something to be enjoyed or ignored.

A little over two weeks after my last gig as a wedding coordinator, I was a bridesmaid to a couple who were both really good friends of mine since 1998. We were classmates all through out the four years in high school. We belong to a big circle of friends and have gotten close to each other’s families and other friends. The June 30 wedding will certainly be one wedding I’ll remember for quite sometime.