To truly learn, we must never forget

I was too young to remember and lived far from Manila to be even affected by Martial Law. My earliest memory about it was that Richard Gomez movie, Eskapo. I am no expert on Martial Law and I learned stories from my ‘elders’ who lived through this period. For us to understand how important that was, we need to read and ask and make our own judgements and take a side. We cannot be all experts of history and we will not always agree on what makes a great leader. But by now, we should have learned to choose who cannot be a leader. People who are insincere, who have no regard for the lives of other people, who steal to enrich themselves and their family, those type of people cannot lead a country into real and lasting prosperity. Such action only bring about a culture of greed, corruption, and violence.¬†We are all too familiar with that and no I do not want to be part of that vicious cycle any more.