When you are wired to think too many thoughts all at once. Worries, intentions, consequences,  considerations, gains, losses, hurts, lessons, past, present, future, all at once. Picture the people you are most fond of. People who make you feel most loved. Picture them in your head. Then you can’t help but smile. Then there’s a sense of peace and calm. Then a good night’s sleep.

A little odd

Why is it when it’s supposedly time for bed is the time my brain gets flooded with random information, urges, memories and ideas?

I remember falling prey to sleepless nights as far back as elementary days. Sometimes I’d read books to keep me company, clean cupboards and drawers, or write in my diary. Other times I just let my mind wander until sleep comes. It usually does come in the wee hours but always I’m quickly awaken. Time for school. These days, it’s time for work.