Passing the board and getting hitched

Got two good news for today!

Finally, the Electronics Engineering Board Exam results came out last midnight. We’ve been on the look out since Friday even though the exam was given only Wednesday and Thursday, April 11-12. I’ve been anxiously waiting and really praying for a positive result. I have never been happier for one of my best girl friends, Dina. That’s my girl!:)

Presenting the engineer!

Click here to check out the list of passers for the ECE Board,  April 2012.

AP is getting hitched invite

Second good news is that I already got the wedding invite for my cousin’s wedding. AP or Albert Percival (we never call him that, just AP) is my first cousin from my Dad’s side. The only cousin who is of the same age as I. AP and Brizie, have been together for nine years. I wish them all the best for their marriage and can’t wait to see them, and the other cousins this Friday.

This is a happy week! Hope you are also having a great one!