After the greatest storm in recorded history ravaged a whole region of the Philippines…

The survivors of typhoon Haiyan are getting back on their feet. They are fighting to rebuild their homes, their families, their lives.

And according to them what they need the most are… jobs!

They need jobs to “help them help themselves” to fully recover from the tragedy that they went through.

And that is what TACLOB is set on accomplishing.

TACLOB is a collective of artists, designers, social workers, and entrepreneurs that have partnered with survivors and businessmen in disaster zones to  establish a social enterprise dedicated in providing immediate jobs for disaster survivors.

As a first initiative we will be training survivors to make “eco-friendly” and “disaster resilient” bags that they themselves appreciate and the rest of the world would want to have.


COMPASSION backpacks are designed to be weather-resistant, utilize pre-loved denim, and will be made by typhoon Haiyan survivors.

COMPASSION is an iconic, bright red, 50% upcycled, weather-resistant backpack which is made of:

Pre-Loved Jeans

Hi-Grade Japanese Truck Tarpaulins

Genuine YKK Zippers

Military-Grade Nylon Thread for all Stitching

Stylish Leather Lash Tabs



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